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Anne Krawitz


Mark Mulholland

Black Rock



April Sinclair


Hieu Minh Nguyen



by John Sibley Williams
“Reading these poems, it’s evident that John Sibley Williams is a poet with complete control. The texture of his lines is rich and precise. The syntax demands attention and participation. As readers we get the pleasure of untangling each sentence, each line, into not just meaning, but an accumulation of surprising language and images. The speaker in these poems says, I’m not sure how to explain myself / to myself. These poems don’t falsely posture with knowledge, but rather, present us with a catalog of curiosities, a longing to understand all the things we are afraid to name.” 
—Hieu Minh Nguyen

“And I loved the way my voice sounded, so rich and full, when it came out.

- April Sinclair

YA Legend, honored by the
American Library Association
voted #43 Favorite Author of the 20th Century
Final Judge, 2018-19 COG Page to Screen Awards



WINNER: 2017

COG Page to Screen Awards

COG is proud and delighted to share the animated adaptation of Doug Crandell's Silver Silo Beyond—selected as winner of the 2017 COG Page to Screen Awards by NPR/PRI's Glynn Washington. The premiere was delayed by unforeseen events, including a flood on campus, but we hope you'll agree that this short animation was worth the wait. 

Silver Silo Beyond

"While reading the story, I felt I was peeling back an age-worn snapshot, and actually meeting the people behind the sepia tones." 

NPR/PRI Snap Judgment Host Glynn Washington

2016-17 COG Poetry Awards Final Judge





COGITATE 11 - "Eclectic"

Revolution, not confusion. Disruption, not disorder. This episode's three poets are as different as different can be, so get ready for a bit of everything. Tongo Eisen-Martin is a brainiac, American Book Award-winning poet who can gas the mic or ease up on the pedal; Amos White is a haiku artist whose precise poems are paired with jazz by Dillon Vado; and July Westhale will break your brain - and make you thank her. 


Music accompanying Amos White: "Look Up" by the Table Trio, featuring Dillon Vado on vibraphone and marimba; Jeff Denson on bass; Hamir Atwal on drums. "Bring Back the Color" by Never Weather, featuring Dillon Vado on drums; Justin Rock on guitar; Tyler Harlow on bass; Aaron Wolf on alto sax and Josh D. Reed on trumpet.