Burgious Frazier is a graphic designer in the San Franciso Bay area who can't resist a design challenge. He has partnered with non-profit and for-profit entities during his career. If you asked him he would tell you that he is a self professed nerd, who loves his family, knows his way around a kitchen and is a semi-rabid Bay Area sports fan.

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Maarten Van Den Heuvel

“. . . poetry, like all imaginative creations, divines the human enterprise. This is poetry's social value.” 

 “Go somewhere. Do something. If you don't have a life, how are you going to tell a story about one?

- Gish Jen
whom Junot Diaz calls "the Great American Novelist we're always hearing about..."
Judge, 2017-18 COG Page to Screen Awards
- Major Jackson
Library of Congress and NEA honoree
Whiting Writers' Award and Guggenheim Fellowship Winner
Judge, 2017-18 COG Poetry Awards


WINNER: 2016-2017

COG Poetry Awards




Joe Worthen

Transmission Loss


Kathryn Mockler


The Past and the Future

Steven Markow

New Dad Stories



Major Jackson


Mitchell Grabois

The Muscle of My Brain


COG is honored to present an animated adaptation of Megan Merchant's Lullaby,

selected by 2017 U.S. Poet Laureate as winner of the 2016-17 COG Page to Screen Awards.

Lullaby, written by Megan Merchant

COG remains deeply in awe of our 2017-18
COG Poetry Awards & COG Page to Screen Awards final judges:
luminary poet Major Jackson, and esteemed novelist Gish Jen. 
Contests reopen in November 2018 and February 2019, respectively.

"Winner Megan Merchant's poetry has the sudden fall into dream, tenderness, awakenings and delicate and crystalline images - the tone and lines are just right and seem to be in the language of a forest at night and the unseen eye in the wave."

- 2017 U.S. Poet Laureatet

2016-17 COG Poetry Awards Final Judge





COGITATE 8 - "Theatrical"

In this episode, we explore what poet Arisa White calls "the multiplying effects of one voice. Each story is unique, but together these narratives form  the harmonious chorus of - us. Enjoy the world Arisa's words unfold, the ocean-deep thoughts of veteran sailor and journalist Kimball Livingston, and some unforgettable sounds echoing in the minds of students at Cogswell College.