Rosalie Bidar is a poet from Oakland, California. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. 


     Falling, Point Reyes

Rosalie Bidar


there are cliffs like the end of the world on the coast

i drove there once too white fog in every direction

living things cut loose and sliding into the sea

a gust of wind might’ve blown me away

i leak in spots, there’s a hole in my stomach,

a hole in my throat. there was a hole in you too

but i never found it

do you remember the time you went crazy? you

were knocking on doors, you were breaking and entering

you were a bird set loose on the streets of santa cruz

i watch an insect struggle on its back, 6 legs running

in the air. i get a message on the web, did you hear

what happened yet?


Through Country Tubes

Rosalie Bidar

asleep in the car, I see a flag rippling and think it’s you

It seemed like nothing at the time, the ring on my finger,

time pulsing around us both, the speed of a car in motion,

the drug you were on that day, the clenching and unclenching

of fists


I wait for you outside the bathroom,

glowing symbols for man and woman,

a halo behind each one because I am so tired

I remember my love in a greener state

Silent in the driver’s seat, the night I left

tears sparkled on his eyes, and he looked

back at me, neither smiling nor ashamed.


you sing me a song about a girl who didn’t make it

I assure you that I will

I go South as if floating, effortless

my skin becomes thick and tan

my clothes take on a peculiar scent


like the sap that runs down a tree

like the wet love between you and me