Restitution & Revision

Jennifer van Alstyne


CD318 has multi-sized strings which crisscross, overlapping gold

to bronze. Felted hammers, white hammers, blue-covered

hammers lift & fall – a direct cause & effect encased in

hardwood. Open, sound reverberates through empty hall, but for

the lone man in row five. He stares at his lover, her shine &

timbre, memorizes each line & grain. Her whiteness. Her


But he will no longer touch her, will not sigh at her frame.


Process (3)

Jennifer van Alstyne

stock & wound, black tape circles

between levers & dials, low bent

technician repeats & rewinds, perfectionist’s orders. studio:

soundproof room which breaks

gaze & awe of audience, where

his word is law. two things exist:

microphone & chickering.



Jennifer van Alstyne


I sometimes wonder about the inner lives of polar bears. 

this slow-motion room where stale air is filtered through tubes

& travels through them, through clear plastic, before

being pumped into a ¼” slit, a transition from mechanical

to organic – keeps you. This is your personal cocoon,

your cotton woven blanket cocoon, cold like time.

skin wrinkles & bloats in this state, yellows too, but this

is just the transformation, your final metamorphosis.


   From “Trouble,” All-American Poem, Matthew Dickman 2009.


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