Omri Kadim was born in London and has since lived in Paris, Tel Aviv, Athens, Vienna and New York. He writes both poetry and dramatic works, with several plays having been produced in New York and a short film he co-wrote having been accepted into the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016. His poems have been featured in the Burningword Journal, Artifact Nouveau and the Assisi Journal of Arts & Letters, among others. His self-published collection of poetry, Valkyrie Songs: Poems Found Littering an Imagined Battlefield, is available now.

More Than We Are

Omri Kadim


Imagine if we lived with The Promise of Something Else Behind Us visible to the world

A homeless man by the obelisk carries a Dutch masterwork on his back

The woman I like to fall in love with a little bit when rock climbing shoulders a deep and

     dirty well

As for me a pair of hummingbirds do bloody battle above my head

Potential is the currency of a country you were born in, the one you left when you started dressing yourself.

I Miss How It Was Before I Knew

To Start Puzzles From The Edge

Omri Kadim


I miss how it was before I knew to start puzzles from the edge

Sight is the only sense we have for tallying victory

he twenty one or twenty two others all organize losses

So that I’m undone from the inside out

Getting older means finding symmetry tragic


Omri Kadim


One day I hope to wake up with exactly as many bones as I need

Right now I still carry too many


They jingle within me like loose change carve me up

At odd angles when I’ve been drinking it feels not right


I’m sorry other people are sick

None of us are made the way we’re supposed to be


I can tell because we age because we have to wear clothes

To keep warm because we need lip balm often, that being said


There’s just enough solace in the light above the waterline

To make shivering at the touch of seaweed worthwhile


Stick with me and please be patient

We’ll find heart shaped pebbles to swallow


And they’ll grind down whatever else is inside us until

We’re slick and polished, resplendent when we open our mouths


Omri Kadim


Schachmat means chess I remember that now but only

Since I asked my mother what I’d been saying in the home video


Why did it have to be Hebrew?

When I lost Hebrew I lost more than Hebrew


The dust they breathed at Messina

The stepping out of Lion’s Dens


If I’d grown up speaking French then forgot it I wouldn’t give a shit

Instead I threw away scrolls I blew out a candle God had lit for me