Nigga to the Moon

Rohan DeCosta

Give a nigga a moon pie

Tell him that the moon died

Show him a couple slick moves

How to hoola hoop into

Hallelujah what he been through

How to run, how to stick and move

How to chop his dreams in two

Share them with a sista dark as pitch plum

Pour all the pride in the fruit

And when this world make him wanna holler

Teach a nigga how to sing through a fixed noose

How to still laugh, reminisce too

How to illmatic through a chipped tooth

One day you’ll make it to the moon

But for now the homies wanna slide thru

Askin’ what the vibe to get into

But you tweakin’ hard at the drive thru

You said five when you meant two

Atomic Cotton Monopoly

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