Shawn Anto is from Delano, California. He was originally from Kerala, India. His writing has been featured or is forthcoming in Reed Magazine, El Portal, Sierra Nevada Review, and elsewhere.


Briones Reservoir Loop

Shawn Anto


We follow light

round and round

this body of water.

we repeat:

where there is transgression

there is transformation.

we jump          one pasture      to         another

onto another     another            onto enclave.

come down a   gravel road      unexpected—

a vacant white table, surrounded by stacked-up empty chairs.


who has left space       where  do        I           leave space?

round and round          only objects                 no more us.

this digital umbrella—we are encased in—we forget the table, chairs

forget the talks, the gathering, when we used to reflect, commune

community      communicate.


we say:

that’s why we offset time

must right the wrongs before we        disappear.

these roots grow strong when no one is looking

all through the dormant months

we continue to follow light     find space        fill it

round and round, we go find quiet, hold our breaths under

this body of water.