Winners of the COG Poetry and Fiction Awards:

Anger management is working out well for Chris Baker, former WIRED Magazine Angry Nerd, so we're delighted to announce that he's been able to review more videogames and poetry for COG - and avoid arrest.

In this video, Chris examines the The Witness, a game that sets you loose on an uninhabited island, as well as the Sylvia Plath's "feel-good" poem, "Daddy." 

Tune in - if you dare.

Former WIRED Magazine Angry Nerd Chris Baker is back to pwn n00bs, declaim verse and drink tea. And he’s all out of tea. 

In this episode of COG's game and lit review series, Chris – broadcasting from an underground bunker – contemplates Walt Whitman. Oh, and he also reviews Mafia III and its compelling snapshot of 1968 America as experienced by protagonist Lincoln Clay: an orphan, Vietnam vet and black man contending with his threatening surroundings.

Appetizer, anyone? Here's a bite-sized bit of insight into the recording process, served up by Antique & Tommy "Soulati" Shepherd of Antique Naked Soul.


Antique and Tommy blew the roof off COG's recording studio, demonstrating how their  all-vocal "beatbox-sing" soul band lays down tracks using a looper.


"Burn," the single featured in this short clip, will be released on the band's new album - which drops Jan. 2016.



After his minor rant in our San Franciso Litquake event, Anger Management Hour with COG,  we've determined that "former" WIRED Magazine Angry Nerd Chris Baker may still have a bit of work to do to understand Aum

In this video, Chris examines the game No Man's Sky - a game with quintillions of planets to explore - and waxes poetic about Robert Frost's "Fire & Ice."

Paul S. Flores is a celebrated author, performance artist, playwright, and well known spoken word artist (a veteran of HBO's Def Poetry Jam). He was raised in Chula Vista, CA and spent much of his youth in Tijuana, Mexico. Flores’ PEN Award winning novel Along the Border Lies reflects this experience. Flores's work explores the intersection of urban culture, hip-hop and transnational identity. 

Chris Baker, former WIRED Magazine Angry Nerd, has undergone anger management. >WHEW<


With fear and trepidation, we, his loyal but moderately terrified fans at COG, are delighted to introduce Chris as our new Video Game and Poetry Reviewer. 


To kick things off, Chris reviews the unique interactive game Her Story and shares his thoughts on William Blake starting beef with rapper Ludacris.

The Outdoor Movie is a mesmerizing evening: romantic, mysterious, flickering with wonder and curiousity and strange ideas and beautiful light. It’s over too soon and lingers in the brain like love, or at least a good movie about love. Like the characters in the story, I look forward to seeing more.  

- Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket

2015-16 COG Page to Screen Awards Final Judge

"Winner Megan Merchant's poetry has the sudden fall into dream, tenderness, awakenings and delicate and crystalline images - the tone and lines are just right and seem to be in the language of a forest at night and the unseen eye in the wave.​"

- 2017 U.S. Poet Laureate
Juan Felipe Herrera


COG Poetry Awards Final Judge

Former WIRED Magazine Angry Nerd Chris Baker is here to pwn n00bs, declaim verse and drink tea. And he’s all out of tea. 

In this episode of COG's game and lit review series, Chris – still hunkerd down in the Baker Bunker – big ups Thomas Hardy. (I mean, who hasn't big-upped Thomas Hardy? We celebrate his work every day. Cough.) He also finds some time to discuss Cuphead...


WINNER: 2016-17


COG is honored to present an animated adaptation of Megan Merchant's Lullaby, selected by former U.S. Poet Laureate

Juan Felipe Herrera as winner of the 2016-17 COG Poetry Awards.



WINNER: 2016-17


COG is delighted to share the animated adaptation of Doug Crandell's Silver Silo Beyond—selected as winner of the 2016-17 COG Page to Screen Awards by NPR/PRI celebrity host Glynn Washington. 

Silver Silo Beyond

Lullaby, written by Megan Merchant

The Outdoor Movie, written by Siamak Vossoughi


WINNER: 2015-16


COG is honored to present an animated adaptation of Siamak Vossoughi's The Outdoor Movie, selected by Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket) as winner of the 2015-16 COG Page to Screen Awards.



The Last Gun, written by Anne Harding Woodworth


WINNER: 2015-2016


COG is honored to present The Last Gun.


"The Last Gun" opens with smoke and closes with a bang. These poems toggle between the spirits of the living and the spirits the living carry into death “to ask questions, to contemplate a state of being that is no more.”  ... The Last Gun is “a gathering place for… admirers, rememberers, the once-armed,” and this poet has prepared us both “for the journey…where it will be judged,” and for the “deeds on earth.”    

- A. Van Jordan

2015-2016 COG Poetry Awards Final Judge






Against our better judgment, we sent COG's editor into the trap-door-riddled home of "Lemony Snicket" series author Daniel Handler - armed only with a janky, borrowed camera and a busted microphone. Listen closely: hear the lens cap whirring. Look closely: see the fear in her eyes. Will she emerge unscathed, or will this be COG's last issue?

COG Interview with Daniel Handler

Chris Baker: Fire, Ice and Lots of Planets

Chris Baker: Daddy and The Witness

Chris Baker: Luda vs. Blake

Antique & Tommy "Soulati" Shepherd of Antique Naked Soul

COG presents Paul Flores : We Still Be


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